One of the great resources that is available for me to help you, is automated email from Keystone Matrix.


Here is how it goes:

1.) You tell me what you want…

Are you looking for a House? Condo? What kind of bedrooms do you want, size, basement, parking, etc.  You essentially give me your must have wish list!

2.) I fill it in…

I take all this information from you and plug it into the Keystone Matrix. This allows for the system to sort through ALL of the available listings and only pull out the ones that check the boxes that you have identified as what you want.

From here you will be set up on an automatic search. Any available property within your search criteria will be sent to you the moment they are on the market!

It’s really that easy! You stay current with every available home in your search criteria, you don’t have to search through pages and pages of homes that don’t fit what you want AND you don’t miss out on any deals, or your dream home!

Call or Email me at today to get set-up with automated email and stop missing out!

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