It’s amazing how just one day can make you feel ready to re-organize, start a new hobby or get cracking on that honey-do list!

I often wonder what it is about January 1st that people find so motivating… yes it’s the official beginning of a new year, however it is said that its also one of the worst times to start  something new!

I am definitely someone that has a busy lifestyle and often that leaves little to no time for me to start a new hobby. However, with January typically being cold and isolating, I do find myself putting in the extra effort to touch base with friends and family for a quick warm drink or meal.

Another thing that usually hits in January is hockey tournaments! I definitely feel that the definition of a hockey mom fits me and love going to tournaments dressed in team colours ready to cheer them on! Its amazing to me how much a team (and the parents) can bond over a weekend; picking up coffee for each other, sharing stick tape and asking for playdates in between games… it certainly takes the sting out of the cold when you have something so positive going on around you.

I hope that you have this support in your life, and just know that I am always up for a coffee date!

Talk soon,

Lesley Kondratuk

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