What an incredible few months it has been! I think its fair to say that our worlds have been rocked with COVID-19 making its way to Manitoba.

My family was impacted in a number of ways; both of my daughters faced having their sports getting cancelled, school cancellations and of course – the housing market.

One constant for our family has been each other. Relying on family and close friends to be by your side through something like a pandemic is about the only thing that can bring some comfort to an incredibly stressful situation.

Looking forward (and I always enjoy looking forward) we will all get through this very trying time! I am excited to continue my conversations with many of you who are looking to buy or sell a home this summer and look forward helping you in this exciting journey.

As you reflect on what impact COVID-19 will have on your family, please stay safe, healthy and try to make the best of this situation!

Talk soon,

Lesley Kondratuk

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